What’s the difference between DStv Catch Up, DStv Now, and DStv Box Office?

DStv has a number of add-on services which it has made available to clients, though many are not aware of them and hardly utilise them.  The services which are sometimes mixed up are DStv Now, DStv Catch Up, and BoxOffice.

In order to understand what each does, we are explaining and listing the differences.

DStv Now
This is essentially an online version of your DStv package, and includes live streaming of TV channels. The channels on your package are unlocked and made available online at no extra cost. Content can be accessed through the DStv Now website, Android and iOS applications.

With DStvNow, one can watch across up to 5 different devices with each person watching a different channel. The advantage of DStvNow is that it’s not affected by weather changes which is the case with the decoder. If you are living in a place where power-blackouts are common, this will come ion handy. Get the app installed on your smartphone and switch immediately you experience an outage.

DStv Catch Up
DStv Catch Up is a service which gives customers the ability to “catch up” on a selection of great content available from across their DStv channels, ranging from series to movies, kids’ shows, documentaries, and selected sporting highlights.

The content available to each customer is dependent on the package that they subscribe to. DStv Catch Up is available on PVRs (to selected customers) and also via DStv Now to all our customers. Within the DStvNow app, you can stream online and via the App, or through downloads on to smart phones and tablets.

Downloads are greatly dependent on the usage rights granted to DStv by the studios and content producers, meaning some shows can de download while others can’t.

DStv BoxOffice
DStv BoxOffice is a movie rental service which is available through PVR-enabled decoders or through a website which is also open to non-subscribers. To get started, one has to sign up for a BoxOffice Account or login using their DStv Connect ID.
Once you signup, you will gain access to a wide selection of Hollywood blockbusters while and a catalogue to search for a movie of your choice.

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